Get Your Own Website

So what do you need to do to get yourself or your business or your blog online? If you want to know then this is the site for you.

Many people often feel frustrated, overloaded or both when it comes to getting themselves online. Fundamentally there are two types of people when it comes to getting online. The first is the type that wants to do it themself from the very beginning. This type is usually very motivated and starts full of enthusiasm. Some of them will succeed but many will not. This first type should be able to get the foundations of a domain name and the concept of hosting (as well as a link to page containing codes for a nice discount that we will provide) with one of the most popular hosts. But enough of the jargon.

If this will be your first time that you will have a site on the internet then you are more likely to want some extra help just to get you on your feet and allow you to have your first fully functional website which you can learn to grow. This second type of person will also benefit from this website. If this type is you then send us an email letting us know that you are interested and we can take it from there.

Even though we indicated that there are two types of people, it is probably more correct to say that there are three types. The last type get very caught up in the detail and getting just the right colour scheme or font style and are willing to spend a lot of time or money in achieving this. This last group is a very subjective group and are not as likely to benefit from this website as the other two groups. So we would probably encourage them to look elsewhere to better meet their needs. They too however can drop us an email if they are unsure.

Well enough of the types of people that want to build sites. Lets answer the question of what do I need?

Fundamentally to get on the internet you need two main things. Everything else builds on these two things. They are:

a) a domain name – this is the address of your website which is commonally called a URL. Basically this is the part that uniquely identifies your site as being different from the others. A bit like a bank account number uniquely identifies you. Domain names usually begin with http:// and end with something like .com or .net etc. We wont go into much depth here but just know that you need a way to refer to your site uniquely and this is how it happens when it comes to the internet.

b) a host – this is where your computer files are stored that allow a user to see what you want to show. Not all files can be seen by others. Just the ones that you allow to be seen. Using the example above, this is a bit like where you store your money. Eg Bank of America etc So a domain is like your account number and the host is like where you store your money.

So there you have it. For all you type one people that should get you started. You need to find a domain and organise for someone to host your files. We tend to use a company called hostgator for this. They are big (probably one of the more common hosts), have good support and are very low cost. High quality and low cost is every persons ideal for getting on the internet.

Click the hostgator banner below to get a domain name and organise hostgator as your host. You will be taken to another page to organise your website.Once you have taken out a domain name (thats the web address that uniquely identifies your site – for example and have organised for Hostgator to host it you will recieve an email with your host details.

For those of you that would like a site just like this one set up for you just send us a copy of the email you get from hostgator once you sign up and your future on the web will begin. We offer simple sites from $660.

Click now on the link below to show yourself to the world!
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