Website Tips for Beginners

Starting out online can be a daunting process. Here are some website tips for beginners to help you to navigate the minefield of choices out there:

Tip One: Keep it simple
It sounds very cliche but we can not emphasise enough that for your first website it would be virtually impossible to master every aspect. The key thing here is to keep it simple. The easiest way to do this is to have a blog (a website which is a bit like a journal of your thoughts and anecdotes on a certain topic)

Tip Two: Keep it static
Have you every noticed that when you login to a website it knows your name and issues a greeting like “Hello John”. This is an example of what is called a dynamic website. Dynamic means to change. In this case the name “John” changes depending on who is logged in. Well the type of coding for doing that is a bit harder than the greeting “Hi there!” which is generic regardless of who logs in. This is called a static site and is usually the write place for a beginner to start. You wouldnt want to burn out before you get your first website completed.

Tip Three: Do not code it yourself. You should focus on the content for your first website not the code. Having said that, we believe that you definitely aim to be writing some code after your first site. Just leave it for your first one. The best scenario here is if you have a friend who can help you to code it. Mates rates are always a winner. If coding friends are a little scarce you may decide to pay someone to code it for you. Be careful here as it can get pretty expensive. The key to keeping the website development costs low is to just have a simple 5 page website. You provide the content and DONT get fancy with the formatting. Formatting can take a long time and thats better done once you can look at the code that someone else has written.

Tip Four: Dont give up! – It can be a very daunting process to set up your first website. You will definitely have many challennges but stick at it and you will have a website.